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"It's your turn now." - Yugi's words to his children.

Yu-Gi-Oh! X is a fan-fiction story written by Dennis Fielder and edited by Velgamidragon. It stars the children of the main characters from the original series, and it takes place 20 years in the future.


When an ancient evil is awakened, the sons of Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey (Tag, Seth, and Johnny) must save the world. It also features the return of the Millennium Items, and several old enemies. After, Yugi and Yami have wild, kinky sex in grandpa's secret sex dungeon.

Writing StyleEdit

This story is usually written in screen-play format, with several writing staff favorites written in full-story format.


Main Characters

Minor Characters

Supporting Characters

Story Line/Chapter Guide (Season 1)

Death-T (subplot of Season 1)

New Duelist Kingdom (Season 2 Chapter Guide)

Season 1:

Season 2:

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