thumb|300px|right|How Atem was cursed.A Vaseshipping version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast. It had also been made into an animated version called Yu-Gi-Oh! Beauty and the Beast (Vase).

The CastEdit

Atem as Prince Adam

Yami as the Beast

Mana as Belle

Yami Bakura as Gaston

Joey as Lumière

Kaiba as Cogsworth

Isis as Mrs. Pots

Yugi as Chip

Mai as Babette

Kisara as Madame De La Grande Bouche

Marik as LeFou

Vivian as Silly Girls

Shimon as Maurice

Pegasus as Monsieur D'Arque

Ishizu as the Enchantress

Aknamkanon as the Narrator

Parts 1-23Edit

Part 1 - Prologue

Part 2 - Mana

Part 3 - No Matter What

Part 4 - No Matter What Reprise

Part 5 - Me

Part 6 - Mana Reprise

Part 7 - Home

Part 8 - Home Reprise

Part 9 - Bakura

Part 10 - Bakura Reprise

Part 11 - How Long Must This Go On?

Part 12 - Be Our Guest

Part 13 - If I Can't Love Her

Part 14 - Silver Fang Chase

Part 15 - Something There

Part 16 - Human Again

Part 17 - Maison Des Lunes

Part 18 - Beauty and the Beast

Part 19 - If I Can't Love Her Reprise

Part 20 - The Mob Song

Part 21 - The Battle

Part 22 - Transformation

Part 23 - Beauty and the Beast Reprise

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