Here is a decklist that i use on DuelingNetwork and in real life.


Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning x1

Chaos Sorcerer x1

Card Trooper x1

Dark Armed Dragon x1

Darkflare Dragon x2

Divine Dragon Apocralyph x1

Eclipse Wyvern x1

Ehren, Lightsworn Monk x1

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon x2

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness x1

Honest x1

Judgment Dragon x1

Lightpulsar Dragon x3

Lyla, Lightsworn Sorcerer x2

Necro Gardna x1

Plaguespreader Zombie x1

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter x1

Sangan x1

Thunder King Rai-Oh x2

Tour Guide from the Underworld x2

Tragoedia x1

Wulf, Lightsworn Beast x1


Alllure of Darkness x1

Burial form the Different Dimension x1

Chaos Zone x1

Charge of the Light Brigade x1

Dark Hole x1

Foolish Burial x1

Mind Control x1

Monster Reborn x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1


Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Mirror Force x2

Solemn Judgment x1