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Magician of Black Chaos

The Magician of Black Chaos.

The Magician of Black Chaos as it appears in fan-fics.


Attack Points: 2800

Defense Points: 2600

Effects: This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card Dark Magic Ritual.


Yu-Gi-Oh! X - When Darin was little, his mother played with Darin using a Magician of Black Chaos toy. During the Quarter Finals of the New Duelist Kingdom, Darin used Dark Magic Ritual to sacrifice Gemini Elf and Rapid Fire Magician to summon Magician of Black Chaos. Darin then destroyed Atticus' Red-Eyes Black Dragon with Magician of Black Chaos. When Atticus had Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon attack Magician of Black Chaos, Darin used Reverse Trap to weakne the dragon, so Magician of Black Chaos destroyed him in the counter-attack. During the semi-finals, Darin used Dark Magic Ritual to sacrifice Seth's Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to summon Magician of Black Chaos. Darin then tried to have the Magician attack Seth directly, but Seth canceled the attack by reviving the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. During Tag's duel with Pegasus, he laid Dark Magic Ritual face down before passing out. Atem then took over and used Dark Magic Ritual to sacrifice Dark Magician and Pegusus' Relinquished and Jigen Bakudan to summon Magician of Black Chaos. Atem then had Magician of Black Chaos attack Pegasus directly.

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