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3018 B.C.




His friends, family, and the forces of good

Millennium Item

Millennium Puzzle

Spirit Ka

Kuriboh, Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon, & Obelisk the Tormentor

The Pharaoh and the former spirit of the Millennium Puzzle and ancestor of Yugi as he appears in fan-fics.


Atem is almost always portrayed as a close friend, brother, father, and ancestor of Yugi, or at least a man of great standing trying to do what's right. Atem is also known to have a relationship with Mana and/ or Tea depending on the authors' stories.


At the Beginning of LifeEdit

Yu-Gi-Oh! XEdit

The Thief ReturnsEdit

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Naruto as he and the other Sacred Guardians imprisson Sasuke.

After Darin defeated Thief King Sasuke in the Shadow Realm, Atem sentenced Sasuke into a cell for attempting to kill the children of Atem and his friends. He then allowed part of his soul to guide Tag along his destiny to save the world.

First Date for the EgyptiansEdit

Atem was later set up on a date with Mana by Tag and Darin, but he didn't mind. He ended up inside Tag's body while Mana was put inside of a friend of Tag's named Serena. Sharring Yugi's body twenty years ago allowed Atem to know enough about how the modern world worked to treat Mana to lunch at the burger restaurant he went to with Tea. He then learned what happened with Mana after the battle with Zorc and explained to Mana that the Millennium Puzzle was a cold and dark place before Yugi solved it, and he feared that he went insane during his millennia long stay there, but he was comforted by Mana. After lunch, they walked around as birds settled on him... Again! Then he kissed Mana on the lips after asking her to call him, Atem. He then returned control of Tag's body to Tag.

High School AdventuresEdit

Atem and Mana by DMGClub-1

Atem and Mana in High School Adventures.

A junior at Domino High and Yugi's older brother. When he was two, he shoved cake into his and Yugi's face as well as his parents'. He meets Mana who recently transferred to the school and she becomes his girlfriend. After the death of Mana's mom, Mana stayed at their house until her brother, Mahad, arrived and only several days later did Atem realize how emotionally wounded she was from her mom's death and offered what comfort he could. Upon a surprise meeting with Kisara's father, Aknadin, he learned that his father's life's work was turned into some big joke after his death. A technological incident accidentally switched his mind with Yugi's and it turned out that he was actually quite jealous when it came to the way Mana treated Yugi (not realizing their minds had been switched since they had both decided not to tell anyone). After their minds were switched back to the correct bodies, Mana kissed Atem on the cheek to make him feel better (because Yugi as Atem had a horrible day the previous day). Atem then realized how strong his feelings for Mana were when he stood up for their relationship while Mahad was grilling him. He also nearly lost Mana when her father, Daiki tried to force Mana to move to his house with him, but Atem, Mahad, and Kaiba worked together to figure out what Daiki was doing and discovered that Daiki was merely interested in the money Mana inherited from her mother, so Mana got to stay, and she and Atem had their first kiss. When Atem was six, his father gave him a copy of his favorite card, the Winged Sage Falcos. He brought the card with him when Kaiba invited him and Yugi to go to the newly re-excavated site in Egypt as a way to feel that his father was with him. While exploring the tomb that his father died in, Atem not only proved his father right, but he had to save Mana from Malik, the evil twin of his friend Marik, with a duel. This duel also gained him three legendary cards called the Egyptian God Cards. Malik then showed them a way out of the tomb as part of their bargain, and when Kaiba was nearly broken during a duel with one of the Big 5 to free his brother, who was left on top and kidnapped by them, Atem encouraged Kaiba, and he won. After returning home, Atem learned that the Ishtars believe that he's the reincarnation of an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, and he's destined to fight the reincarnation of his past life's worst enemy, the King of Thieves. He also recently dealt with his mother becoming overly protective of him and Yugi due to a fear of drifting apart and a conveniently placed book commercial. This led to Atem having to deal with rules of filling out a board to let his mother where they are, and it got worse when Mrs. Moto made arule of everyone having meals in their PJs. Atem looked over the book and realized it was simply designed to make people buy it, so he confronted his mother with Yugi, and they convinced her to go back to her normal way of life, while promising to spend an hour a day with her.

The Little Dark Magician GirlEdit

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Atem as he listens for the voice of the girl who saved him.

A month after the death of Prince Atem's father, Aknamkanon, Atem went on a short sail on the oceans to get the troubles out of his mind with his vizier Shimon, and his cousin, Seto. He enjoyed being out on the open sea as to him it symbolized his freedom as he would have to become Pharaoh on his eighteenth birthday, and he'd have to find a bride on top of that. He also learned about King Torunka, the Dark Sage, said ruler of the legendary Ka World. Atem then reluctantly agreed to head back a few moments later instead of waiting until midnight.

That night, during a small party, Shimon gave Atem a gift that his father wanted him to have. It was the Millennium Puzzle, although it was all broken up. Shimon then said that once the Millennium Puzzle was completed, it would grant Atem a wish, which at that moment, Atem would wish for freedom. Atem then explained to Shimon what his ideal woman would be like, adventurous, fun-loving, and wild as the sea, and when Seto said that it would take some searching, Atem said that he'd know when she'd arrive, and that it would hit him like lightning. As if on cue, a storm broke out and while Atem and Seto made it to the life boats, Shimon was trapped on board. Atem then got back onto the boat and saved Shimon, but before he could go with Shimon into the life boat, the part he was standing on collapsed, and he fell into the sea after knocking his head on something and losing consciousness. Atem was saved from drowning by a Dark Magician Girl named Mana and taken to the shore.

As Mana took Atem to the beach, she began singing to him, and as Atem heardit, he opened his eyes enough to see the girl's outline, but no details. Shimon and Seto then arrived as the girl had taken him to the shore where his palace was, and she disappeared. He then explained what happened to Shimon and Seto, and they just believed he had become overcome with the excitement of the previous night and took him into the castle.

Two weeks later, Atem went back to the beach and called out to the girl who saved him, and when she didn't show up again, Shimon arrived and struck a deal with Atem. He would throw a singing contest for the prince to help him find the girl on two conditions. One, he had to focus on his duties until the contest, and two, he had to marry the winner. Atem accepted and wondered if he was falling in love with the girl who saved him.

At noon the next day, Atem was putting the Puzzle together as a way to relax, and as he did so, he wished that he could find the girl who saved him. As he worked on the Puzzle, a friend of Mana's, Joey, arrived and told Atem that there had been a bad ship wreck, and the only two survivors were at the beach, and Atem went with Joey to find Mana and her brother Mahad there. When Atem asked if they were the ship wrecked people, Mana ran up and nodded before jumping back behind the rock due to her not having any clothes on. Atem then realized that Mana looked familiar, and asked if they'd met before, but upon learning that she couldn't talk, he figured that she couldn't have been the one who saved him. She tried to use some kind of crude sign language to tell him something, but she ended up falling into his arms, so he helped her to his palace while Mahad followed.

Atem then had a friend of his named Isis take care of Mana while he talked with Mahad. Atem also stated that by now he'd reached the halfway mark at completing the Millennium Puzzle. When Mana came down, Atem asked her and Mahad to join him for dinner. Atem also chuckled when Mana accidentally blew smoke into Aknadin's face, being the first time he smiled since his father's death.

When Mahad asked where the bathroom was for Mana, Atem answered that it was up the stairs, first left third door on the right, at least he thought. When Mana didn't return, Atem looked for her and found her in the living room. He then told her about his father and his mother, Linknem. After learning about how Mana lost her mother, through sign language, Atem taught Mana how to dance, and after that, he invited her on a tour of the kingdom the next day, which she eagerly agreed to.

During Atem and Mana's trip around Memphis, Atem bought Mana a fair amount of things. When several fan-girls of Atem's arrive, they're pushed aside by Mana's magic, and she and Atem leave.

That evening, Atem and Mana took a boat ride. Atem then learned Mana's actual name after a lot of guessing, and they nearly kissed while Mana's friends secretly set the mood when their boat suddenly capsized. Atem then helped Mana back to shore, and they returned home.

After returning to the palace, Atem told Mana about the contest, and he also said he thought it'd be best if she left before that. Mahad then talked to her to try and throw in his two cents, and it left Atem even more confused. After another night looking for the voice and a talk with Shimon, Atem decided to sleep on whether or not to have the contest.

The next morning Atem came downstairs, determined to marry Mana, but when he arrived at her room, he saw that she wasn't there, but she had left her necklace, and Atem took this to mean that she wasn't coming back. He then decided to hold the contest. By this point, he had almost completed the Millennium Puzzle, except for a missing piece.

During the contest, several girls participated, but Atem knew that none of them were the one that saved him. Just after the last contestant, Mana arrived and danced for him after giving Atem a package. After the girls ridiculed her, and she left, Atem opened the package and discovered that it was the missing piece of the Puzzle. He took this as a sign and ran after Mana. He then fell under the witch, Vivian's, spell when she intercepted him.

Under Vivian's spell, Atem ordered that he and Vivian would be married at sun down.

Once the Millennium Stone was destroyed by Mahad, Atem was freed from the spell, and Mana regained her voice, and Atem realized that Mana was the one who had saved him, and he was about to kiss her when she turned back into a Dark Magician Girl. When Mana was dragged into the Ka World by Vivian, Atem changed into his casual atire and, after putting in the last piece of the Millennium Puzzle, went with two of Mana's friends, Yugi and Tea, to save her.

After arriving there, Atem attacked Vivian just as she was about to kill Mana. Following that, Vivian tried to attack Atem, but he was saved when Mana attacked Vivian, which caused her to destroy two of her servants. She then turned into the Mythic Dragon. Atem then tried to hold everyone together, which was made even more difficult when Isis was killed.

As things got really bad, Atem was encouraged by the spirit of his father to call out the Egyptian God Monsters. Atem then called out the Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and Obelisk the Tormentor. He then combined them into Horakhty the Creator of Light and had her destroy Vivian after Mana removed the Grand Magic Scepter from her forehead.

After the battle, everyone went to the Human World to escort the humans home. Mana's father, Torunka, then turned Mana into a permanent human, so that she could be with Atem, so they, Mahad, and a revived Isis, began planning for Atem and Mana's wedding.

A month later, Atem and Mana got married, and they took a honey moon around the world.

The Little Dark Magician Girl II: Return to the Ka WorldEdit


Atem comforts Mana after Melody runs away.

Two years after Vivian's defeat, Atem and Mana had a daughter named Melody, and shortly after she was born, they sailed to a point in the ocean and held a small party in honor of the first child with a legacy of both human and Ka. During the party, Vivian's sister Morgana arrived. When Morgana kidnapped Melody and threatened to feed her to her Ka, Diabound, Atem used a rope severed by Mana to grab Melody as the boom winded Morgana. After that, when Mana decided to not let Melody near the sea or know about anything, Atem comforted her with Mahad as they walked back to the palace.

In the twelve years since Melody's birth, Atem and Mana had a wall built to make sure Melody couldn't get out. On her twelfth birthday, Mana searched frantically for Melody, and Atem assurd her that he was sure that Melody was fine.

That night, as Mana was helping fix Melody up for her party, Atem came in and checked on them, getting the promise from Mana that they'd be down in two minutes, which she had said when she fussed about her appearance when she was to meet with the royal physician when she was pregnant, and when Aknadin wanted to have dinner with Atem and Mana from before the wedding. He then showed up a few minutes later to check on them again and remarked how beautiful Melody looked. He then went down stairs with Mana. Once they did so, Melody came down. Atem let Mana go after Melody when she became extremely embarrassed after an incident at the party as Mana would have more experience about not fitting in... literally.

Atem was later informed by a distraught Tristan that Melody and Mahad's son Manar had run away. Atem calmly asked Tristan what happened, and when he learned that Melody and Manar had went out to the sea, Atem, Mana, and Mahad were both worried for her.

As the entire court searched for Melody in the Human World, and Torunka had every available Ka search in the Ka World, Atem told Mana that she should go with Torunka to look for Melody as she knew the Ka World, and the waters that served as the gate way to it, and she knew their daughter. After that, Mana and Mahad were turned back into the Dark Magician Girl and the Dark Magician, respectively, by Torunka, and they led the search in the Ka World with Torunka while Atem led the search in the Human World.

Upon discovering that Morgana had tricked Melody and Manar into getting her the Scepter, they followed two servants of Morgana's to her lair in the arctic, and she had Joey go tell Atem, along with Torunka, where Morgana's lair was, so shortly after Morgana gained the Scepter, imprissoned Melody, and held Mana and Mahad captive, Atem arrived on his ship with Seto. Morgana then used her Scepter to destroy the ship, but luckily, no one was killed. Atem then prepared to fight when Morgana's servants pulled Atem under water, but he was saved by a released Mana.

Because of the incident with Morgana's servants, Atem was too exhausted to help Melody, but with help from Manar, she managed to snatch the Scepter from Morgana and tossed it to Torunka.

Atem helped an exhausted Melody over to Mana as they accepted her apology and apologized for not telling Melody the truth. When Torunka gave Melody the choice of living in the Ka World or returning home, she had a better idea, bring down the wall and live together. During a party to celebrate the reunion of their family, Atem grabbed Mana and jumped into the water with her as the two kissed. Both were overjoyed to not just have their daughter back, but their whole extended family. Human and Ka.

The Egypt KingEdit

Kid Atem

Prince Atem at the palace as he talks with Mana.

The son of Pharaoh Aknamkanon and Queen Linknem. When Shadi checked his soul with the Millennium Key, he concluded that Atem had a great destiny ahead of him.

At the age of ten, Atem had made friends with the two children of the Master Magician, Anru, a boy named Mahad and a girl named Mana. One day, Aknamkanon took Atem on a tour of the kingdom, which included showing him three etchings of the Egyptian God Monsters, and explained the circle of life to Atem before Seto arrived to give him the morning report. Aknamkanon then took the opportunity to give Atem a pouncing lesson, which he did very well in by pouncing on Seto. Atem then had to leave when Aknamkanon and Seto learned about an attack by the Kul Elnans on the city.

Atem then visited his uncle Aknadin and talked to him. Aknadin then explained that an area his father wouldn't show him was a ruined village of thieves called Kul Elna. Atem then became obsessed with going to the ruins of Kul Elna, so he talked to Mana about going to a cool place, which he codenamed the waterhole around their mothers, and he and Mana asked their mothers if they could go, but their mothers insisted on them bringing Seto. Atem then learned along with Mana that they were betrothed, meaning that they were going to be married one day. Using that as a jumping off point, Atem and Mana got rid of Seto by making his horse sleep on him after making him run over him several times.

Atem and Mana arrive at Kul Elna and get into a fight over whose idea it was that got rid of Seto, and Mana pinned Atem down repeatedly. Seto then arrives and tries to get them to leave, but Atem refuses, and they end up running ill of the only three Kul Elnans left, Bakura, Vivian, and Marik. After losing Seto as they ran from the Kul Elnans and their Ka Monsters, Atem saved Mana when he picked up a rock and slashed Bakura across the eye when he tried to grab Mana. When they're cornered, Atem's father arrives and saves them, but Atem is ashamed by what he did at that point, especially because of the face Aknamkanon gives him afterwards.

When Atem is left with Aknamkanon after Mana is taken home, Aknamkanon tells Atem how he's very disapointed in him, and Atem then explains to his father that he was trying to be brave like him, and Aknamkanon forgives him by admitting that being brave means facing your fear. Atem then asks Aknamkanon if they'll always be together, and Aknamkanon explains that the stars, which are said to be the houses of past Pharaohs, will be there to guide Atem along with him.

During a trip to a horse ranch, Atem met a horse named Greystone and decided he would be his new horse. Aknadin then led Atem into a gorge and through unfortunate circumstances believed that he started a stampede. He was saved and taken to safety by his father, but Aknamkanon fell after climbing up and was trampeled to death.

Atem blamed himself for his death, and Aknadin used this to make Atem run away, after picking up the shattered pieces of the Millennium Puzzle. Atem ended up being chased away by the Kul Elnans, but he got away from them thanks to Greystone and a thorn patch.

Two weeks later, after making it out of Egypt, Atem ran into two boys named Joey and Tristan after they saved him and Greystone from vultures. They then taught Atem their philosophy, Hakuna Matata, and after eight years, Atem had managed to push what happened into the back of his mind and was happy, or so he thought.

Atem later admitted to his friends that he felt pent up inside, but he accepted Joey and Tristan's comfort. While gazing at the stars, Atem told Joey and Tristan what his father told him, and the two just laughed at it. Atem then yelled for the spirit of his father to speak to him as he worked on the Puzzle, and upon completing it after eight years, he realized that his father's spirit may not be speaking verbally to him, but he'd always watch over him.

A few days later, Atem defended Joey and Tristan from an attacking Ka called the Dark Magician Girl. He used his Ka, Kuriboh, to buffer the Dark Magician Girl's attack to defend his friends. Atem then offered eight of his Kuriboh to call out his other Ka, Black Luster Soldier. Atem tried to attack with the Soldier, but a Magic Cylinder redirected the attack at Atem's Kuriboh. Atem tried to attack again, but Black Luster Soldier was trapped in the Spell-Binding Circle. Atem then realized that it was Mana. Atem then revealed to Mana that he was Atem. The two then rushed to each other and talked about how great it was to see each other. Atem then introduced Mana to Joey and Tristan. Atem then remembered why he left and tried to defer Mana from telling his mother before learning that Aknadin told everyone about the stampede and everyone assumed he was dead. Atem then denied his status as the Pharaoh out of guilt over what he did. Atem later agreed with Mana that Joey and Tristan should go. Atem then assurd Mana that he was okay and that he had missed her. Atem and Mana began to talk by the waterfall. Atem then felt that it would be impossible to tell Mana the truth as he was afraid she'd turn her back on him. Atem later found himself falling in love with Mana following a tumble into a valley and kissed.

Atem later showed Mana around some more and said that he'd left to live his own life, once again denying his status as the Pharaoh and countering that Aknadin was. Atem then learned that Aknadin had allowed the Kul Elnans to take over Egypt and that Mahad was dead. Atem then asked why he should worry, and when Mana shouted that it was his responsibility, Atem snapped that Mana had left. Atem later shouted that Mana didn't even know what he'd been through and walked off angrily. Atem then turned and shouted at his father that he would always be there for Atem, but Atem then wept as he blamed himself again. Atem then met an odd shaman named Shadi and began questioning who he was openly. Atem then became confused when he heard that Shadi knew Aknamkanon as if he was still alive. Shadi then led Atem to a pool, and Atem simply looked at his reflection. After Atem comented it was just his reflection, Shadi had him look harder, and as Atem observed small likenesses, he ended up seeing Aknamkanon himself in the pool. Shadi then pointed out that Aknamkanon lived in Atem. Atem then heard Aknamkanon's voice. Akanmaknon's ghost then magically appeared, and Atem was told that he had forgotten who he truly was and to take his place in the circle of life. Atem then asked how he could go back when he had changed so much. Atem then called out for his father not to leave him when Aknamkanon began to disappear. Atem then thought on his father's words, and he determined to save his home and embrace his destiny as the Pharaoh of Egypt. Atem then knew he wasn't going to be alone. Atem then admitted that he didn't know how to face his past after running from it for so long. Atem was hen his in the head by Shadi to teach him that the past hurts, but that he can either run from it or learn from it. Atem then determined to go home right away, after throwing Shadi's key away.

Atem eventually returned home on Greystone and observed the horrors of what Aknadin had done. Mana then showed up, and Atem admitted that he'd gotten sense knocked into him, and he determined that if he didn't fight for Egypt, who would? Atem then saw Joey and Tristan show up to help him and Mana. Atem then explained to Joey that he was going to have him and Tristan provide a distraction by having Joey dress in drag and do the hula. Atem then had Mana look for their mothers and rally the people on their side while he looked for Aknadin.

Atem then snuck into the palace and witnessed Aknadin hit his mother. Atem the walked out and explained to Linknem and Aknadin that he was still alive. Atem later told Aknadin to stand down. Aknadin then forced Atem to admit that he was responsible for Aknamkanon's death. Atem later countered that it was an accident before slipping off of the balcony and holding on for dear life. Aknadin then explained that he had been the one who killed Aknamkanon. Atem then flew into a rage and ordered Aknadin to tell everyone the truth. Atem then ran into Bakura while trying to follow Aknadin. Atem was saved when Shadi knocked Bakura out. Atem the continued after Aknadin.

Atem eventually cornered Aknadin and eyes him angrily. Atem disbelieved Aknadin's lie about the Kul Elnans being the masterminds but admitted that he wouldn't stoop to Aknadin's level and kill him. He instead banished him. Aknadin, thinking Atem planned to kill him, attacked with a large monster made of purple flames. Atem was knocked back as his father told him to summon the Egyptian Gods. Suddenly discovering he knew the Gods names, Atem called out the Winged Dragon of Ra, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and Obelisk the Tormentor. Atem then had the God Monsters attack, but Aknadin's beast was still too strong for them. Atem then invoked the power of the Millennium Puzzle to merge the Egyptian God Monsters together. Atem then had Horakhty destroy the monster, which caused Aknadin to fall in front of the Kul Elnans, who killed him for betraying them.

Atem then walked up to everyone and confirmed that Aknadin was dead. Atem then hugged his mother hello and kissed Mana. Atem was then told by Shadi that it was time, and after some final encouragement by Aknamkanon, he took his place as the Pharaoh of Egypt. A few months later, Atem married Mana, and a year after Aknadin's defeat, Atem and Mana had a child of their own.

Ishizu IshtarEdit


Atem and Mana after finding out about Ishizu and Kaiba.

The son and heir of Chief Aknamkanon. He went off to war against a rival tribe and returned victorious with his father. He is betrothed to a girl named Mana. When Atem returned home, Mana hugged Atem to death until Aknamkanon called for attention. Atem then got kissed good-bye by Mana as she went to look for Atem's sister, Ishizu.

Yugioh: Millennium wars Edit

Atem/ Yami Yugi is the spirit of the millennium puzzle and was once ruler of Egypt during the twelve dynasty. He likes to tease Yugi for being so small and plays sadistic shadow games with people, he hates gay clowns. He went on many adventures with Yugi until he defeated Zorc and Yami Bakura once and for all and discovered his real name and past which he locked away in the millennium puzzle, his last earthly task complete he challenged Yugi to one last duel and lost. Admiring how much his friend had grown he said a tearful goodbye and ascended to the Egyptian afterlife. A few years later Yugi was mugged by Titan prior to the Yugioh GX arc who stole his millennium puzzle and began to misuse its powers for evil. He played shadow games with his victims and took many souls of those who lost. However one day Oscar Takimoto and Jaden Yuki intercepted him and Oscar challenged him to a shadow game, he lost and was sent to the shadow realm forever. Oscar returned the item to Yugi who was pleased to recover his grandfather's memento.

One week later The Pharoh/Atem returned to Yugi, he could not rest in the afterlife sensing a great evil was a foot. They encounter Ghost Kaiba who turns out to be just a fat gay clown, Yami Yugi banishes the gay clown to the shadow realm.

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